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Black Sun is a sci-fi comic series that follows the survivors of a devastating alien invasion as they fight to reclaim their homeland

Our mission

We bring you entertaining & thought-provoking sci-fi comics that feature characters of Afrikan descent.

In other words, we provide you with a vision of Afrofuturism at its finest.

Why Afrofuturism?

We have 3 great reasons!

Filling the void

People of Afrikan descent (black folks) have been either marginalized or flat out ignored in mainstream science fiction and fantasy.

That means the whole world is missing out on great stories told from a unique perspective. We do our part to fill that void.

Reclaiming the narrative

Telling our stories makes us a universal people. We understand that Afrikans can exist not only in the past, the present and the future but in any alternate reality that can be imagined.

Who thought that comics could get so deep?

Because it's cool

The cool factor can’t be denied.

There is nothing more awesome than seeing black men, women and children working together to solve problems that threaten the existence of the universe itself.

Yes, the whole universe.

The story so far …

Among the planets of the universe, Alkebulan existed as a lush paradise.


Over time her inhabitants (the Alkebulite people) eventually established what came to be known as the mighty Samah Empire.


Dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the continued advancement of the people, the Samah Empire existed peacefully for over 3000 years until…

… the peace was shattered when a strange new life form appeared. Its very existence threatened to annihilate everything.


The war that resulted transformed Alkebulan into a ravaged wasteland where those who wield science, technology, magic and mysticism duel in a desperate struggle for the survival.


Black Sun is the anthology series that chronicles the events of this devastating multi-generational war.

Why black sun comics?

Our comics are …






Everything you need

Science, technology, magic, monsters and mystery. Black Sun is what would happen if Game of Thrones met Star Wars, Mad Max & Interstellar.


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