Create comic-style line art with Filter Forge

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Learn how to create comic-style line art from your DAZ Studio renders using Photoshop & FilterForge.


Of all the questions that I get asked this is probably the most popular one.

Many of you want to know how I create the comic-style look that you see in my comics and graphic novels. The answer is I don’t use DAZ Studio. Instead I use Photoshop combined with FilterForge on the images that I render from DAZ Studio.

Using Shaders?

In the past I tried using the comic and manga-style shaders that have been made for DAZ but I found them to be either too cumbersome to use or they didn’t produce results that I was happy with visually. I’m not knocking the quality of those shaders, I’m just pointing out that in my opinion they didn’t produce results that matched my preferences.

The Process

Creating the comic book look is a two-step process for me. I use Photoshop to mimic a comic-style illustrated look and then I use FilterForge to create comic-style line art from the original image.This tutorial will walk you through the process of using FilterForge to create the line-art.

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Hello, my name is Kelvin. I'm a retired college instructor. I love to teach. I also make use of my 15 year background in photography and interactive design to digitally illustrate my science fiction comic book series Black Sun.
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