Bring your characters to tears with Photoshop


At first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to illustrate this scene. I knew I didn’t want to purchase a 3D model that mimicked tears as it’s very rare that I have my characters crying. It wouldn’t have been worth the expense.

In addition, I didn’t want to spend the time looking to see if a model like that even existed. As we all know time is money and anyway I can save either is welcomed.

Since I wasn’t willing to purchase a new 3D model it meant that I had to do some post-work. That’s when I remembered all my Photoshop brush sets. More specifically a brush set named Ron’s Condensation.

Photoshop brushes to the rescue

If you’re not familiar already there is a vendor named Deviney who creates high-quality, royalty-free Photoshop brush sets. These brush sets have become an invaluable tool in my digital illustration arsenal. With them, I can take a great rendered image from DAZ and make it look 100 times better with some strategic brush work in Photoshop.

This situation fit the bill perfectly.

How it all came together

The video below demonstrates how I used Ron’s Condensation brushes to digitally paint onto my character and bring him to tears. If you’re looking to take your DAZ Studio renders to the next level be sure to pick up some of Ron’s Brushes. They are well worth the investment.

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