Digital illustration with Photoshop & DAZ Studio

In the past, I’ve done several tutorials detailing how I use DAZ Studio to create scenes and characters (click here to view my character creation process) but never any about what happens after I finish rendering my images from DAZ.

NOTE: Rendering is the process of exporting an image (like a .png) from DAZ Studio.

Fun with Photoshop

Now, as much as I love working in DAZ Studio I have to admit that the real fun begins, for me, once I get those images into Photoshop. I’ve been a photographer since 2001 and those years of experience made me very familiar with digital photo manipulation and image compositing techniques.

What can you create?

I find it creatively fulfilling to be able to use my photo editing skills for digital illustration. If you are already familiar with Photoshop then adding 3D models into the mix infinitely expands the possibilities of what you can do creatively.

DAZ Studio is free software that offers an easy introduction to the world of 3D art. It has helped me tremendously.

In fact, my comic series Black Sun was illustrated using DAZ and Photoshop so if you were ever curious about the combination of these two software packages are capable of you should check it out and see for yourself.

This video shows a quick overview of my page creation process from building the scene in DAZ Studio to the final composited image.

Production Notes

Here are the assets that I used in the video:

The Characters

The Hair

The Clothing

The Environment

Photoshop Brushes

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